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[v4.2] Free Download EventOn + All Addons Pack

EventON Event Calendar for WordPress is a beautifully crafted event calendar that presents events in a minimal clutter-free design.

It is packed with 200+ useful features such as highly customizable repeating events, multiple event images, event locations and organizers, and advance features like multi data types and language corresponding events and etc. All of that comes packed in the #1 best seller Event Calendar on codecanyon!

EventOn Addon List

  • EventOn WordPress [Activated]
  • EventOn RSVP Events Invitees
  • EventOn Event Seats
  • EventOn Action User Plus
  • EventOn Event Lists & Items
  • EventOn Repeat Customizer
  • EventOn Wishlist
  • EventOn CSV Event Importer
  • EventOn Event Reviewer
  • EventOn QR Code
  • EventOn Full Cal
  • EventOn RSVP Points
  • EventOn Event Map
  • EventOn RSVP Events
  • EventOn API Events
  • EventOn Reminders
  • EventOn RSS Feed
  • EventOn RSVP Events Waitlist
  • EventOn ICS Importer
  • EventOn Include Anything
  • EventOn Event Tickets
  • EventOn Weekly View
  • EventOn Action User
  • EventOn Slider Addon Events
  • EventOn Ticket Variations & Options
  • EventOn Subscriber
  • EventON Event Countdown
  • EventON Bookings
  • EventON Virtual Plus
  • EventOn Advent Calendar
  • EventOn Speakers & Schedule
  • EventON Photos Plus
  • EventON Yearly View
  • EventOn Dynamic Pricing
  • EventOn Daily View
  • EventOn PDFer
  • EventOn Event Slider
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