Mosaic Tailwind CSS Admin Dashboard Template


[v15.0.0] Free Download Mosaic Tailwind CSS Admin Dashboard Template

Mosaic is a powerfuladmin dashboard template built withTailwind CSS . It features hundreds of pre-built layouts and sections and is coded inHTML ,React , andVue . Mosaic comes with dozens of functional designs to help you get started quickly.

With a wide range of beautiful styles and a full-screen layout, its a perfect fit for admin dashboards, eCommerce, marketplaces, FinTech, and SaaS companies to use as a starting point for their projects. If you are looking to take your app to the next level – Mosaic is the way to go!

  • Mosaic Html
  • Mosaic Laravel [4.3.0]
  • Mosaic React [4.3.0]
  • Mosaic Vue [4.3.0]
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