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[v1.15.6] Free Download Premium Form Maker byWeb + Addons

Form Maker is the leading drag & drop plugin for building forms of any complexity in just a few clicks.

Form Maker is a modern and intuitive plugin for building online application forms. It lets you build personalized, perfect-looking responsive forms with its elegant drag and drop interface.

You can create custom forms free of additional coding, with just a few clicks. The functionality of Form Maker is excellent for any kind of online questionnaires.

Form Maker can be used for creating multiple types of forms, including contact forms, registration forms, application forms, quizzes/tests or survey forms, online order forms, and much more. Form Maker includes various types of fields which can be modified and edited.

  • Form Maker
  • Form Maker Dropbox
  • Form Maker Conditional Emails
  • Form Maker Calculator
  • Form Maker Webhooks
  • Form Maker Stripe
  • Form Maker Save Progress
  • Form Maker Registration
  • Form Maker Pushover
  • Form Maker Post Generation
  • Form Maker PDF
  • Form Maker Mailchimp
  • Form Maker Google Drive
  • Form Maker Export_Import
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