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[v1.2.0] Free Download Slim Seo Schema Premium

The license key is : Yukapo.Com

Schema is the best way to describes structured datafor search engines. Based on the data provided, search engines can show the content in the search results page in a more appealing way.

Slim SEO outputs schema data via JSON-LD in a singletag in the footer. The plugin also provides connections between schemas . Connections are important because it gives search engines a lot of information for not only the main content of the web page, but also related information, which help them understand it deeply.

For example, if youre on a single post, the plugin can tell search engines about the main entity of the page is an article, which has an author and belongs to a webpage of an organization. The webpage has a breadcrumb list, and belongs to a website, which has a search box. This way, search engines not only understand about the content of article, but also author, organization and the website structure.

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