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[v2.3.3] Free Download WP Migrate DB Pro + Addons

PUSH AND PULL YOURDATABASES Let’s say you’re developing locally but need the latest data from the live database. With WP Migrate DB Pro installed on both sites, you can simply pull the live database down and replace your local database (even if you local database isn’t publicly accessible).

Once your changes are ready for the staging site, you can push your local database up and replace your staging database. How’s that for aworkflow?

  • wp-migrate-db-pro–NULLED
  • wp-migrate-db-pro-multisite-tools-1.4.1
  • wp-migrate-db-pro-media-files-2.1.0
  • wp-migrate-db-pro-cli-1.6.0
  • wp-migrate-db-pro-theme-plugin-files-1.2.0
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