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[v2.0.10] Free Download Xenforo The German language

German language for XenForo 2.2.1 that does not use personal addressing. Likewise, the problem of translations for Likes is avoided by the above-linked addon splitting the corresponding phrase and making the Likes button Rate. If a rating is selected, this value appears instead of the Rate standard. With XF2.x, a simple like / dislike became several possibilities for values for e.g. Postings to assign. Unfortunately, these are hidden behind the first possible value (like) so that many users do not even know that they can assign different values there. This bug fixes the add-on and the renaming of the button to Rate so that every person immediately understands that various possible ratings can be assigned.

The translation also contains a script that hides the admin or moderation bar as long as there is no need for it. If there are messages there, the bar appears automatically. It can of course also be reached elsewhere if you click on the free area next to the forum logo, if necessary.

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